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First Aid

Holistic First Aid Kit

Treat your family’s immediate first aid needs with safe, natural, botanical and homeopathic solutions.  This kit contains several of our physician-formulated (100% organic or ethically wild-crafted) botanical formulas which have proven very useful in first aid applications.  The kit also contains 36 of the most useful homeopathic first aid remedies. Product usage for first aid treatment is well explained in an easy to understand reference booklet.

First Aid

  • 36  1-dram vials of assorted Homeopathic Remedies
  • 2 oz Ache-Ease
  • 2 oz Ouch-Ease
  • 2 oz Immune-Guard
  • 1 oz Anticept-All
  • 1 oz Ear Drops
  • 1 oz Skin-Fixx   OR   1 oz Itch-Ease   (please choose appropriate kit below)
  • .2 oz Lip-Slix
  • Charcoal Capsules
  • Band-Aids
  • Holistic First Aid Booklet
  • Carrying Case (may not be the same as pictured above)


Holistic First Aid Kit with Skin-Fixx - $175

Holistic First Aid Kit with Itch-Ease - $175