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Safe, Natural, Non-toxic Mosquito & Insect Spray

  • Safe, non-toxic, natural mosquito & biting insect repellent
  • Formulated by physicians
  • Clinically tested botanical formula
  • Safe for repeated use
  • No side effects - No toxic residues
  • Baby-safe - Pet-safe - Safe for the entire family
  • 100% Organic or ethically wild-crafted botanicals
  • Pleasant smell
Spray 16 fl oz - $15.00

Spray 4 fl oz - $6.00



Neem Seed Oil - Neem Seed Oil: Referred to as the "Village Pharmacy" in India, Neem is not only a powerful anti-viral, but provides an equally potent vermifuge action. In laboratory & clinical tests, it demonstrated effectiveness in eliminating numerous flying insects including mosquitoes.

Pure Water

Organic Essential Oils - Our own proprietary blend.


"My daughter suffered terribly from mosquito bites until we found your product."
RM, Florida

"Our trip to Hawai'i was much more pleasant once we discovered Safe. Thanks!"
SS, California

"I can't imagine going to the tropics without Safe. This is a great product!"
RW, Oregon

"We feel good using Safe on our baby & children. The mosquitoes stay away & we don't worry about the poisons."
WK, Hawai'i

"As the Nurse on a shipboard education vessel, knowing about Safe was a relief! I worried about the malaria pills and the DEET exposure."
CG, Pennsylvania