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Safe, Natural, Non-toxic Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

  • Safe, natural, non-toxic shampoo for dogs & puppies
  • Safe, natural, non-toxic shampoo for cats & kitties
  • Baby-safe shampoo for pets
  • 100% Organic or ethically wild-crafted safe & natural pet shampoo
  • Formulated by physicians
  • Safe, Natural, Non-toxic pet shampoo that is safe for the entire family
Shampoo 8 oz / 237 ml - $12.00
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Organic castille soap

Pure Water

Neem Seed Oil - Referred to as the "Village Pharmacy" in India

Organic Essential Oils - Our own proprietary blend.


"With two dogs in the house, weekly shampoos had become quite a drama, for all of us. But now with your Pest-Ban we have not only completely eliminated ANY fleas, but our dogs smell and look better than ever. We now shampoo only oncea month and the fleas are gone!"
LB, Oregon

"My dog has very sensitive skin. Pest-Ban is the only shampoo that not only gets rid of any pests, but also keeps his skin healthy, happy and irritation-free."
MM, California

"Pest-Ban is the only shampoo that really works, smells great and leaves my dog's coat healthy and conditioned."
SS, Hawaii