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Special Delivery
Baby Hammock

  • Helps provide soothing rest for your baby
  • Helps ease and reduce colic and acid reflux
  • Ergonomic design based on natural principles
  • Economically priced and easy to install
  • Made for mothers by mothers

Visit the Special Delivery Baby Hammock website for in depth product and purchasing information.

Special Delivery Baby Hammock

Baby hammocks have provided soothing rest for babies around the world for centuries. The Special Delivery Baby Hammock has been specifically designed by Dr. Patricia Mather to help transition babies from womb to world by replicating the familiar and relaxing motion experienced by babies in the womb, as their mother moved throughout her day. The soft contours of the Special Delivery Baby Hammock cradle the baby, reducing strain on babyís spine and nerves, while maintaining the natural primary curve of the spine.

"I canít imagine life without our Special Delivery Baby Hammock! Our baby can go from room to room and even into the garden with us, always safe & cozy."
MM, Hawaii