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Muscle Gel with Arnica

Formulated by physicians for strains, bruises, athletic injuries, sprains, sore muscles & joints, contusions, arthritic pain.

Provides relief from pain caused by over-exertion.

Contains powerful botanicals, cliniclly-proven to show anti-inflammatory & healing effects.

No harmful side effects.

Fast-absorbing, non-sticky formula.

2 fl oz - $8.00
4 fl oz - $13.00
8 fl oz - $21.00

Arnica - Centuries of use by mountaineers in the Alps establish it as a powerful and effective healing agent for traumatic injury to soft tissues.

Hypericum - Known also as St John's Wort, it is well-documented as a potent natural anti-depressant. In holistic medicine, it is regarded as an outstanding pain reliever of acute & chronic muscle-related pain.

Chamomile - Strong pain-relieving & anti-inflammatory qualities are added to its well-documented effectiveness as an anti-spasmodic.

Comfrey - The root has a long and well-studied history in the treatment of all types of joint, muscle, tendon & bone injuries, including fractures. Containing allantoin, a powerful cell proliferant, it encourages rapid healing of connective tissue, collagen & bone, leaving a tissue injury scar less. Its high mucilage content is effective in the treatment of acute inflammatory conditions, reducing swelling & discomfort.

Lavender - Primarily known for its distinctive fragrance, it is a powerful healing agent, serving as a pain reliever and anti-spasmodic. - The combined actions of these 5 botanicals make Ache-Ease an essential part of my treatment plan for any soft tissue injury.